Harvest Club FAQ’s

Harvest Club FAQ’s

Beginning June 1 2019, we are excited to announce that our current Wine Club is transitioning into our new Harvest Club.

In the Harvest Club, wine club selections will be released quarterly (every three months) instead of bi-monthly (every two months). Members will receive the same number of bottles per year as in the current club, in four shipments instead of six.

How will my membership change?
Your membership level will remain the same. If you are currently a:
Connoisseur – you currently receive 2 bottles 6 times a year – you will receive 3 bottles 4 times a year
Sommelier – you currently receive 4 bottles 6 times a year – you will receive 6 bottles 4 times a year
Cellar Master – you currently receive 6 bottles 6 times a year – you will receive 9 bottles 4 times a year

When will club wines be released?
Harvest Club selections will be released in March, June, September, and December.

Can I still have my wines shipped to me?
Yes! Our current club shipping rate is $15. With six selections a year, that’s $90 in shipping. The new club shipping rate will be $18 to accommodate the larger package, but with only four selections a year, shipping only totals $72. Great deal!

Can I still choose the style of wine I’d like to receive?
Yes! You can choose to receive a mixed selection of red and white wine, only red wine, or only white wine. You can also change between membership levels (Connoisseur, Sommelier, and Cellar Master) at any time. 

What about the club parties?
We love our club parties! We love the chance to meet you all and get to know you better. We will hold four Harvest Club parties a year, after each selection is released in March, June, September, and December. We want to keep each party fresh, fun, and delicious!

Do I still get all of my membership perks?
Yes! All of your benefits as a member are still yours: 15% off all wine and tasting room purchases, four complimentary wine tastings each visit, and special access to limited-run and estate wines.

When will the Harvest Club start?
The wine club will be changing to the Harvest Club with the June 2019 selection. If you are currently a Connoisseur receiving 2 bottles in each box, you’ll receive 3 bottles in your June 2019 box. 

We’re happy to answer any questions you have – just give us a call in the tasting room at (703) 348-2458 or send us an email at wineclub@canavineyards.com.