Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Norton, Petit Manseng, and Petit Verdot.


We currently grow five varietals in our vineyard: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Norton, Petit Manseng, and Petit Verdot. The first vines were planted in April 2012, with 1100 plants each of Petit Manseng and Petit Verdot. In May 2013, the fence was extended towards the west and rows of Cabernet Franc and Merlot were added. In May 2022, we will add 0.5 acres each of Merlot and Petit Manseng for a total of 7.3 acres under vine.

About the Grapes

Cabernet Franc – Cabernet Franc has become a very popular red grape in Virginia thanks to its performance in the vineyard and the beautiful wines being crafted from it. We love the raspberry, violet, and black pepper notes it lends to our Unité Reserve.

Merlot – Merlot is our first red grape in the vineyard to bud out in the spring and start veraison (ripening) in the summer. It provides luscious fruit notes and a roundness to the mid palate of our Unité Reserve.

Norton – The Norton grape was first cultivated in the 1800s in Richmond, Virginia. It is known for its inky dark color and jammy fruit flavors. We will use our lot to produce a Norton varietal.

Petit Manseng – This is our winemaker’s favorite white grape. Strong vineyard performance, intense aromatics, and lively acidity make Petit Manseng a perfect fit for Virginia. 

Petit Verdot – This is a later ripening red grape and the final component to our Unité Reserve. Petit Verdot provides the tannic structure and backbone needed to allow our Estate blend to age gracefully.